Clueless Fashion [Vol.1]

Clueless – the movie that defined the 90s, inspired vocabulary, evoked emotion and most importantly redefined 90s fashion (as if 90s fashion wasn’t awesome enough).

A few days ago I came across Clueless on my TV, and although I’m a proud owner of the DVD I could not help but watch it yet again, for the 100th time. The movie took me back in time, but more importantly inspired a weekly blog post series: “Clueless Fashion”. In this blog series I will take my favorite outfits from the movie and redesign them with a 21st century twist. Check out outfit number one! Clueless Chic :)

SCENE: After failing a driving test and having a few rocky moments with her girlfriends, Cher decides to “make over her soul”.  In the scene above she attempts to take interest in her friends hobbies and hangs out with Christian at a museum.

I LOVED Cher’s outfit in that scene. It was hot in the 90s and it’s still hot today. Here are a few versions of the outfit that I put together with a 21st century twist.

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Outfit one: Top – Skirt – Bag – Shoes

Outfit two: Top – Skirt – Shoes – Bag

Outfit three: Top – Skirt – ShoesBag

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